Thursday, June 23, 2016

Who is Navigating Your College Admission Journey?

Every journey needs a navigator. If your college admission process does not have a navigator yet, consider Marisela Gomez of Collegewise.

Marisela and I partnered on a presentation earlier in the year at the Harrison Memorial Library in Carmel with great success. I was able to bring some test prep tips to the audience while she laid out some excellent college application and admission advice.

Marisela represents Collegewise, "America's largest and most well-regarded private college counseling service" according to their marketing materials. While Collegewise offers outstanding services for those seeking college admission, the real gem is Marisela.

Marisela Gomez is the Director of the South Bay Collegewise office. Prior to joining Collegewise, Marisela spent 12 years as an admissions officer and enrollment manager at her alma mater, Santa Clara University. Marisela has read over 20,000 applications, is fluent in English and Spanish and holds a master’s degree in educational administration from Santa Clara University.

Most importantly, she is passionate about helping kids get into the college(s) of their choice. She has a unique ability to work with both parents and students through the college application process. A diligent counselor, Marisela serves as a knowledgeable navigator through the journey to college admission.

If your journey needs a navigator, contact Marisela by email at or call her at 831.578.1409.

And along the way, if you need test prep advice, contact CROSSWALK. The Monterey Peninsula's local resource for academic tutoring and test prep for the past 14 years, CROSSWALK offers face-to-face tutoring, Skype tutoring and group classes for SAT, ACT, PSAT, SSAT and all academic classes. Learn more at

Monday, June 13, 2016

All Aboard Summer Test Prep Train

The summer ACT and SAT (and PSAT) test prep train is about to depart on Tuesday, June 21. Spots are filling up, so act now if you want to sign up. 

Per last blog post, the summer schedule is posted here

If you are not sure why to attend this summer summer ACT and SAT prep program with CROSSWALK, here are just some of the reasons to sign up: 

  • No wasted classes: choose the most interesting ones for you and pay by the class.
  • Save money when you pay for the entire program. 
  • Evening classes should allow students to work or study during the day.
  • Both ACT and SAT (and PSAT too!) are covered. It's like two prep courses in one! 
  • With over 10+ years teaching test prep, I will make sure students walk out more confident, comfortable and prepared to take on test day. 
There are a few spots available so act now as the train is filling up. All classes take place at the Stevenson School in Pebble Beach. 

Contact CROSSWALK right here to learn more. CROSSWALK is the Monterey Peninsula's local resource for SAT prep, ACT prep, academic tutoring and learning support.