Tuesday, October 15, 2019

SAT® & ACT® Test Day Horror Stories

With Halloween around the corner, I figured it was a good time to remind students of the horrors that can come with SAT® and ACT® test day.

The following stories are true. Only the names have been changed. 

They are not meant to scare students or create more test anxiety. On the contrary, these stories provide real life examples of what can happen on test day so students are prepared to face the tricks and treats that may come their way. 

Miniature Desks:

Grace is a dancer. Standing at 6'0", Grace is long and elegant. When she arrived at the elementary school that served as the test site for the ACT®, she found herself in a 3rd Grade classroom with, you guessed it, desks designed for smaller people. Needless to say, she was pinched into a tiny desk, and after just two hours of the test, she started getting back cramps.

The Waiting Game:

Due to overbooking a site, students had to wait two or three hours to start their test. As some students started their tests, many students waited outside for hours just to start. The last group of students didn't start their test until 10:30, nearly three hours after they originally arrived.

Power Washing:

Ivan settled into his SAT® ready to rock and roll. The proctor started the test and he got to work. Not fifteen minutes into the test, a loud whirring noise echoed throughout the room. As it would turn out, the school was power-washing the building next door. Every fifteen minutes, the machine whirred, sprayed and then stopped. Then it fired up again, whirred, sprayed and stopped. This went on for the entirety of the test.

Exchange Student Drama:

Danielle was hosting an exchange student from Germany who arrived the day before the test. When Danielle woke up, she told her exchange student that she had to take a test and she would be back in the afternoon. The exchange student was eager to explore her new home, so the exchange student asked if she could tag along. Danielle didn't feel that it was safe for the exchange student to be all alone in a new place so Danielle asked the exchange student to stay behind. The exchange student pressed, "Can I come?" Danielle responded, "I don't think it is a good idea." The exchange student got aggressive, "You have to let me go." Danielle dug in, "No, I will be back soon." Needless to say, Danielle had to ditch the student in a mad huff and scramble out of the house. She arrived to the test center late, frazzled and stressed out.

All of these stories come from directly from the experiences of former CROSSWALK students. Even though they are real, don't let these stories scare you. Just be sure you are ready and prepared for test day. Tricks and treats are part of test day so make sure your mindset is ready for everything.

And if things are totally wacky, don't forget that there are ways to appeal a test score.

If you want to make sure that your test day is not scary, contact CROSSWALK today.

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