Thursday, October 27, 2016

How The Odd Couple Helps SAT and ACT Prep

Originally a Broadway play by Neil Simon in 1965, The Odd Couple was a television show I remember watching as a kid.

The premise is comedic genius: an uptight neat freak and an easygoing slob live together in one apartment. Hilarity ensues as polar opposites struggle to coexist. 

While The Odd Couple has been remade on both the big and small screens, "the odd couple" is also a viable test-taking strategy

Consider the following odd couple: the test booklet is the easygoing slob and the answer sheet is the uptight neat freak. 

On your test booklet, you should make notes, annotate passages, draw pictures and cross out wrong answers. In other words, use all of the space and sloppiness necessary to understand questions, make calculations and write notes to help you uncover the correct answer. 

Your answer sheet, on the other hand, should be neat, tidy and free of any stray marks. A computer will ultimately read your answer sheet so it should be precise and accurate. 

Getting sloppy with your test booklet can help you pick apart the test to get to the right answer. Once your messiness leads you to the correct answer, get very neat and tidy with the bubbles on your answer sheet. 

The Odd Couple isn't just a famous play, movie or television show. It is a way to ensure you maximize your score on just about any standardized test.

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